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Hello  Friends here I am gonna tell you about my blogs privacy policy. What I am sharing with you. what I am telling  you by myself. Privacy policy helps you   what i am doing for my audience here

i am giving you all details of privacy policy.

What I am sharing in my blog website

1. Here i am telling about how to solve    technical issue, how to work mobile, how to earn money online, how to earn lots of more money, mobile reviews, gadgets reviews, mobile issue, blogging related questions here I am talk.

2. Social media related news, social media solutions, easy methods of using gadgets easy way of making money by your social media.

3. Blogging related solutions, how to blogs etc. Here you can find easy solutions by me.

4. How to repair your gadgets issues and many more things related of this tech world every solutions here I will show you.


1. Whatever i am telling you about tech related news features etc. You can tell me how your experience with me.

2. You can comment me your thaughts and keep supporting me. And  you can tell me your suggestions how to improve that.

3. If on my website u will see any wrong things and if you thaughts it's not good for audience. You can tell me on contact us page.

4. What should you want to know i will write post of you. And what your needs  any technical solutions you want about any topic you can tell me I will try to write post about that.

How to use kamal how website

1. Dont comment  a wrong things on our post.

2. If you have any questions related to our post. You can only comment your questions related to our post . Please don't comment another questions on our post.
3. If you have any complaint about my post you can direct contact me on my contact us page. And you can tell me on contact page what I wroted wrong here.

Third party link
Please without my permission dont put any other website link on my website.

Without any reason please dont put any link on my website .if you will do this thing your comment will not publish on my site. If it's really important then you can share that link to my website.

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Change privacy policy

Technical kamal privacy policy I will change anytime for convenience. When I will change that I will provide information about that in post.

Terms & conditions

So I hope you will follow my website privacy policies

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I have the rights of block, spam, delete your comments. So I hope you will not broke my privacy policy.

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